Spending Time in Toronto Like a Local

The capital city of Ontario is full of exciting spots and always has something for everyone. In this article, we will tell you places and things to do so you can spend your time here like a local.

1. The Beach

Toronto’s beaches are our first place to visit on this list. It is so lively not only during summer but also in winter too.

The locals here will turn their unoccupied lifeguard stations into artworks. It only gets better because the site for the artwork changes every year. Thus, you will find different artworks if you come here again the next year.

2. Underpass Park

The citizens of Toronto surely really love art and colors. If you go to the Underpass Park in the West Don Lands area, you will find a famous street art scene in this place.

Not far from here, there’s “Artist for Oceans.” It is an international art collaboration that promotes awareness about ocean conservation.

3. Odin Café

It is famous for the street art scene, Toronto, and restaurants with unique designs and decorations. Still, not far from Underpass Park, there’s Odin cafe. One recommended item you should order here is the salted caramel latte. You can choose to use almond milk for those who are lactose intolerant.

Lastly, one place you must not miss is the Kensington market. It started as a Jewish market and now has evolved into a very ethnically diverse area. You can find uncommon cuisines from different places here.

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