Montreal’s Food Festivals in 2021

Food festivals have always been exciting events wherein locals, tourists, and foodies can gather and share their common interest – food. Luckily, Montreal never runs out of food festivals all year long. Here, you will find Montreal’s five food festivals in 2021.

1. Food Truck Festivals

From June to October 2021, you can find Montreal’s Food Truck festivals at the Montreal Olympic Park every first Friday of each month. You can find various cuisines from burgers, dim sum, tacos to desserts like cakes and ice creams. This event is reported to be the biggest food truck gathering in North America.

2. Beer Breweries Festival

Montreal also has an event for you who love to drink beer. More than 500 brands and 90 breweries will join this 4-day long festival. It will be held at Windsor Station.

The year 2021 is the time for Food and Beverage industry to get up again. Keeping the wheel spinning is crucial for the people in it. Let’s go out there and eat tasty foods again! Remember always to obey health protocols.

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