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All You Should Know About Montreal Cannabis Expo 2023

The Cannabis Expo in Montreal is the first in Quebec to celebrate and create relationships among Cannabis business owners. With the theme ‘Reunited – Reignited,’ the business event is all about the cannabis industry and how cannabis businesses can contribute their quota to improving the industry. You can Visit official website of CBDNorth to find out more.

Date of the Event

The Cannabis Expo in Montreal will be held from September 13, 2023, until September 14. Over a hundred exhibitors will be coming to talk about their cannabis businesses and their potential impact on the industry.

Event Director

The Montreal Cannabis Expo is a business event directed by Jean-Philippe Turgeon. Jean-Philippe is a Nature Medic partner. Nature Medic is one of the medical cannabis clinics in Quebec. Jean-Philippe has years of experience directing and creating events in Quebec. He’ll be directing this year’s much anticipated Montreal Cannabis Expo.

Event Speakers

The event will feature experienced speakers from Quebec and beyond sharing amazing insights and useful information on the cannabis industry. If you’re new to the cannabis industry and want to gain meaningful knowledge, you should attend the 2023 Montreal Cannabis Expo. Some of the people who will be speaking at the event include:

  • Maxime Paris
  • Claudia Pincince
  • David Selema
  • Jason Moscovici
  • Tricia Kuhl
  • Mathieu Loranger, and several others


There are no special criteria to attend the Montreal Cannabis Expo. However, you have to be interested in the cannabis industry, including all of its aspects. That said, cannabis and CBD producers, cannabis cultivators, suppliers, investors, medical professionals, and others can attend the event.

Benefits of Attending The Expo

This event is also a perfect opportunity for key players in the cannabis industry, as well as startups, to come together to network. Startups can use this opportunity to put their products and brand in the spotlight, as well as attract potential investors. As Quebec’s leading business event, you’re being handed a golden ticket to meeting key players in the industry who can help give you ideas and new perspectives to improve your cannabis business.

Breakdown of the Event

● Medical Exhibition

This features exhibitions from professionals in the medical cannabis industry. Researchers and medical clinics will provide information on the growth of cannabis and its usefulness in treating medical conditions. Here, CBD experts will share their progress, exploring the health and wellness benefits of using CBD products.

If you’re interested in medical cannabis and its potential in the health industry, this Expo is where you need to be. Medical professionals will explore the present and potential growth in the medical field. This is a perfect opportunity for medical cannabis startups to grab the opportunity to tap into the growing success of medical cannabis.

● Business Aspect

The business aspect of the expo will be focused on the trends and innovations currently going on in the industry. Speakers and business analysts will provide information and presentations on how to find your feet in the cannabis sector as a producer, cultivator, supplier, and so on. This stage will also feature legal talks concerning the legalization of cannabis in Quebec and regulations for planting and selling medical and recreational cannabis, among others.

Rules Guiding the Event

First of all, you must be 21 years and above to attend the Montreal Cannabis Expo. No form of cannabis would be allowed on the event’s premises.

How to be a Speaker/Exhibitor

To be a speaker or exhibitor at the event, you simply have to register for that at the official website

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