Laughing Together in World’s Largest Comedy Event

This year, Just for Laugh will present theater, gala performances, free outdoor performances, and club shows. As the world’s most prestigious and largest comedy event, Just for Laugh will hold over 2000 shows in total. Those shows include 1500 shows that are free for locals and tourists.

Coming to this event is an opportunity for industry professionals and the general to witness new emerging talents showcasing their skills and passion in comedy. When the sun sets, nightclubs and live venues will hold special programs, providing a space for those talents to perform.

In Just for Laugh, there will be awarding event for a feature and short film. The event is called Comedia comedy film festival. There will be short films worldwide screened at the Comedia comedy film festival.

Founded in 1983 by Gilbert Rozon, Just for Laugh has become one of the world’s most long-lasting comedy events. It started as a two-day event and now has become a full month event.

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